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Get from job email.
Get from job email.
Only include trucks from the original work order. If trucks are added mid-move select "add movers" in the Extras section.
Only include movers from the original work order. If movers are added mid-move select "Add Movers" in the Extras section.
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Including Tax
Including Tax
Including Tax

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This is only for adding a crew during the middle of a move if they were there the entire time then include them in the Time section.
If you do not see your name please enter it into "Other" email
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Include the total amount of time for all additional movers and drivers. Please exclude the original crew. Use 1/10 increments Example 1hr 30 min = 1.5.
Include the total amount of break time for all movers on the job. Example if 3 people take 1/2hr each enter: 1.5


Type Of Storage
7 days maximum after 7 days the rate is calculated at $400/month.

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Upgrade Protection

While Matt’s Moving LLC exercises the utmost caution and care while handling your belongings, there are risks inherent to moving. For this reason, it is important you review the following information to ensure rights, responsibilities, and limitations of liability are fully understood.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that customers invest in supplemental valuation VALUATION COVERAGE OPTIONS As a result of the inherent risks associated with moving, moving companies are subject to limited liability in the event of damage or loss. This means regardless of the condition, age, or value of an item, the amount you that can be recuperated is determined on a per lb basis.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation requires professional moving companies offer a basic valuation coverage at no extra cost to the customer. This state-mandated option covers your personal items at $0.60 per pound in the event of loss or damage. For example, if a 10 lb lamp were damaged or lost while moving, you would be eligible for a $6.00 reimbursement ($0.60 x 10 = $6.00).

Basic Plus Move Protection (Valuation Coverage) As a result of superior service levels, and our low rate of claims, Matt’s Moving offers TWICE the state-mandated minimum at no extra cost to you. This option covers your belongings up to$1.20 per lb. For example, if a 10 lb lamp were damaged or lost while moving, you would be eligible for a $12.00 reimbursement ($1.20 x 10 = $12.00).

Optimal Plus Move Protection (Valuation Coverage) For an additional $80.00, our optimal plus move protection coverage can ensure ultimate peace of mind, covering household items up to $3.00 per lb and electronics up to $15.00 per lb, up to 100 lbs.

This option is highly recommended to ensure satisfactory protection of your belongings. See below for a breakdown of this coverage. Household Item Coverage = $3.00 per lb Item: Bedroom Dresser Weight: 80 lbs Coverage: $240.00 Electronic Items Coverage = $15.00 per lb Item: Flat Screen TV Weight: 30 lbs Coverage: $450.00

In addition to the purchase of supplemental valuation coverage, Matt’s Moving makes the following recommendations to help safeguard from incident or issue:

• Review all content of the confirmation email prior to move day.
• Arrange separate transportation of high value items or items with considerable sentimental value.
• Hire Matt’s Moving to pack your belongings. Belongings Packed by Owner (PBO) are not eligible for coverage in the event of damage or loss, unless clear evidence of mover mishandling exists. Having professional movers pack your belongings helps reduce the likeliness of a damage incident, and increases the likeliness your item will be reimbursed in the event of an occurrence of damage.
• To help ensure the safe load and unload of your items, we recommend only Matt’s Moving handle the boxes on move day. While friends and family can help accelerate the total time to complete your move, they can also be the source of accidental damages and dings.
• Customer Name
• Date of Occurrence
• Photos of the Damage (if applicable)
• Estimated Value of Impacted Item (if applicable) Desired Resolution

Please note the full balance of your move is due in full before claims will be evaluated.

In the event a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved through the internal process offered by Matt’s Moving, customers may engage our arbitration program coordinated through the BBB. To initiate arbitration, a written demand for arbitration should be submitted to the BBB stating the name and address of the parties involved, and a statement surmising the issue to be arbitrated.

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